3 Children party games


Here in this article you will find a selection of best children party games. Children  party games make his/her birthday parties come to life! All the participant children anticipate the birthday games as the most entertaining part of the party fun.


The object is to have players draw just parts of a picture and pass it on.
Items needed: Paper, pencil

Each player is given a paper and pencil. They first draw a head on the top of the paper. The head can be anything they want, a human, animal, or just made up. The paper is then folded down and given to the next player. Each player should fold the paper so it cannot be seen by the next player. The next player will draw an upper body and arms, fold down again, and pass on to the next player.

That player draws a stomach and hips, folds down, passes it on, and the final person draws the legs and feet. Depending on how many players will determine if you need more or less folds.

When the drawing is complete, pass on for the past time for each player to give the folded paper a name.
Finally, have all the players unfold their drawings and should have a fun time looking at all the creatures created.


The object is to bend under the yardstick.

Items needed: Music, yardstick or broom handle

Play some entertaining music just to lighten up the party. Two players are needed to hold the stick. Each player takes a turn and tries to bend and walk under the stick. After each turn, the yardstick is lowered while the players go again.

The yardstick is lowered each round until the final player makes it under.

If a player cannot make it under any round, or falls while trying to do so, he is out of the game.


The object is to stand still when the sprinkler starts.

Items needed: Water sprinkler

Have a sprinkler connected, but don’t turn on. Have the children move around the sprinkler area, dancing, hopping, or striking funny poses. When the sprinkler is turned on, the children stop and freeze in that position without moving until the sprinkler is turned off again.

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