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Princess Party Chicago

Chicago Princess Parties

For great service and amazing talent Premier Princess Parties is the company to use. Since 2008 they have been providing premium talent. Now they serve not only the city of Chicago and the suburbs but also Northwest Indiana; Kenosha; Wisconsin; Racine, Wisconsin; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Maidson Wisconsin areas. So for your corporate event, block party or little one’s birthday party Premier Princess Parties is the company to call for your character entertainment needs. 977-844=8547

A Wonderful new Princess Package for Princess Party

Swim Ariel  Swimtastic Package Premier Princess Parties

There is a wonderful new Princess Party Package for your little one’s summer princess pool party. Premier Princess Parties Swimtastic Party Package with the Little Mermaid and her Prince will amaze your daughter and guests. The little mermaid arrives by being carried by her prince into the party. She with the help of the princes will sing and perform at the princess party as you little birthday princess and guest sing and dance along. She then will have her princes help her to the pool edge and have some special activities for the Mermaid Princess Pool Party to all enjoy. For more information please visit Premier Princess Parties at

How to Throw Princess Parties

Little Princesses love having a . These parties are all about dressing up and believing that they are little princesses. It is all about jewels and bling. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on it. All you need is to some balloons, Christmas lights, and some leftover fabrics to decorate the venue. These materials can turn the ordinary room into a makeshift ballroom in a royal palace.

Princess Party Invitations

There are two ways you can approach invitations for your princess party. The first one is to get them from a princess birthday party Chicago supplier. Or you can make your own. The choice is yours. You can use a calligraphy font to write a royal proclamation on parchment paper. To make the invite more authentic and old, tear the edges of the invitations. Then roll them up and tie them with pink ribbon. When creating the invitations, be sure to make it clear to the guests that they need to come in dresses fit for royalty, or whether you will be the one who will provide all the capes, crowns, and other accessories to turn them into little princesses.

Princess Party Decorations

You can set the mood of the celebration by having a red carpet or any other fabric that looks plush. This will lead the guests to the party venue. You can also make a drawbridge out of cardboard or a balloon archway. One of the family members can pose as a royal herald who will announce the arrival of each guest. It would be better if the Herald has a trumpet to blow.

Before deciding on the decoration of princess parties, you need to choose a color scheme. You can choose to go glamorous with gold and white balloons and streamers, cups, and plates. Or you can go for a festive mood with colorful decorations. You can get them from a princess birthday party Chicago supplier. They are affordable, and you have a wide range of choices to choose from.

If you have the time, you can design your own flags and banners made of cloth or paper. You can create a unique emblem for your little princess. It can be their favorite toy, TV character, or pet. Just print the emblem on the flags and hang them in the venue.

The table where your little princess will be sitting should be the focus of attention. You can create a canopy by hanging a net or lace curtain from the ceiling. This will attract the eyes of the guests. For extra bling and sparkle, use fairy lights around the table or sprinkle some glittery confetti at the canopy.

The chairs of the guests must be decorated with ribbons, tinsel, and fabric. You should make the chair of your little princess have the fanciest decorations. This will serve as her throne all throughout the party. You can also place a velvet cushion to make it look like a real throne.

Food for Princess Parties

When it comes to food for princess parties, you should prepare them to be enticing for the young guests. Preparation is important, and they are most likely attracted to bright colors. You should serve colorful cupcakes or sweets that kids love. For older kids, you can serve magic wands made from watermelon or any other fruits. Then you thread them into skewers. Or you can chop red pepper, cucumber and carrot to turn them into jewels and served in treasure chests. And to quench the thirst of the guests, serve pink lemonade.

Games for Princess Parties

There are several activities that you can do during the princess party. If you have preschoolers as guests, have them decorate tiaras or crowns with glitter and sequins. You can also provide them with pastel colored card boards, elastics, and cheap net to turn into princess hats. You can also bake some cookies before the party. Then let the guests decorate them during the party. Then you can wrap them in cling film as a take-home gift. You can also put a princess twist to traditional party games, such as Musical Thrones, The Princess Says, and Pin the Jewel on the Crown. You can buy supplies needed for the games from a princess birthday party Chicago provider.

Princess Partyslider1 Loot Bags

Princess parties are not complete without loot bags. Guests are happy to bring home something from the party. You can opt to give guests with a tiara or any other crafts they made during the party. Kids also love getting sweets placed in princess themed containers.

Unique Baby kids party gift Ideas

Princess Party Chicago

Some unique baby gift ideas include giving the new parents the gift of ‘time’. New parents often find themselves so busy with household chores that they do not get to hold the baby and spend time with the baby. This gift includes helping with cooking, cleaning the house and doing other chores thus giving the new parents enough time to spend. This is one of the unique baby gift ideas which new parents will truly appreciate.

Scrapbooks also make some of the best baby gifts for babies. This is the means to record all important events which occurs in the baby’s life. You can also gift a photo frame with small poems engraved on it. These photo frames are wonderful gifts as the parents can preserve the special moments of the baby. Baby scrubs, baby soaps and other baby cosmetics are also some of gifts which you can give them.

Unique baby gifts also include giving the baby a birth certificate holder. This can be personalized by engraving a message on it. This unique gift will be cherished by the baby even after he grows older. You can also gift them with soft pillows or mast with has animal prints on it. There are also many unique shaped soft toys which will be a perfect gift for the baby.
Other ideas also include silver ornaments, baby necklaces, baby bracelets, baby pendants which are available in various and unique designs in the market.

3 Children party games


Here in this article you will find a selection of best children party games. Children  party games make his/her birthday parties come to life! All the participant children anticipate the birthday games as the most entertaining part of the party fun.


The object is to have players draw just parts of a picture and pass it on.
Items needed: Paper, pencil

Each player is given a paper and pencil. They first draw a head on the top of the paper. The head can be anything they want, a human, animal, or just made up. The paper is then folded down and given to the next player. Each player should fold the paper so it cannot be seen by the next player. The next player will draw an upper body and arms, fold down again, and pass on to the next player.

That player draws a stomach and hips, folds down, passes it on, and the final person draws the legs and feet. Depending on how many players will determine if you need more or less folds.

When the drawing is complete, pass on for the past time for each player to give the folded paper a name.
Finally, have all the players unfold their drawings and should have a fun time looking at all the creatures created.


The object is to bend under the yardstick.

Items needed: Music, yardstick or broom handle

Play some entertaining music just to lighten up the party. Two players are needed to hold the stick. Each player takes a turn and tries to bend and walk under the stick. After each turn, the yardstick is lowered while the players go again.

The yardstick is lowered each round until the final player makes it under.

If a player cannot make it under any round, or falls while trying to do so, he is out of the game.


The object is to stand still when the sprinkler starts.

Items needed: Water sprinkler

Have a sprinkler connected, but don’t turn on. Have the children move around the sprinkler area, dancing, hopping, or striking funny poses. When the sprinkler is turned on, the children stop and freeze in that position without moving until the sprinkler is turned off again.

Gifts for children party

Happy kids

Personalized children gifts are great for all kids. Most children love to receive items with their names on them. There are various items that can be picked and personalized. Some of the more common kids gifts are clocks, pillows, place mats, plates, canvas, cups, and for some kids, growth charts. When you buy a personalized gift for a child it gives them something that they can identify with personally. The kids that tend to respond to personalized gifts and love them are between 2 to 7 years old. During this age, kids tend identify objects as theirs and that is why they love to receive gifts with their names on them.

Some of the most popular kids personalized gifts are pillows. You can buy them in different sizes and colors. You also get pillows with designs and the child’s name sewed right on. Kids love their pillows and blankets. As a kids gift, receiving a pillow with their name sewed on the pillow really gives the child a sense of self.
Another great idea as a childs’ gift is to get them a cup with their names personalized on it. You can pick many different varieties of cups for children. For the younger ones you can purchase beginner drinking cups, all the way gifting kids’ their own personalized mug for drinking milk with cookies.

There are many different ways to pick gifts that are personalized. You can order them online from many companies that personalize just about anything that you may need. As gifts for kids, you could have things such as the child’s name, age, date of birth personalized on the item for them. You can also have a special message put on the item that only you and your child know the meaning of.

Personalized gifts for childrens are perfect for any occasion. They can be perfect for Christmas, birthdays or any other occasion that you may want to gift kids for. Personalized gifts are some of the best gifts that can be bought for anyone. gifts for kids that are Personalized are something that can be very simple or extravagant, it really depends on what you want.

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